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Hi! I'm Bailey, a graphic designer based in Atlanta. If you want to contact me about freelance opportunities (or just to say hi), email me at I post more design projects on my Instagram, so feel free to check that out, too.
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Plate Tectonics Logo & Animation

The creators of Plate Tectonics, a video series out of Duke University which looked into the global impacts of the changing food industry, approached me about creating a new logo as well as an animation for the beginning of their videos. Because they wanted to reflect the original hunter-gatherer societies, I suggested a traditional style that could look more personal. I sketched out different versions of the logo and, after discussing the options with them, decided on a sketch that showed different meats, fruits, and vegetables that were arranged in the shape of a globe. Based on personal research I had conducted, as well as confirmation with them, I made sure that the foods depicted were found naturally in the continent shown (for example, carrots are native to North America, coffee beans are native to Africa, etc.).

I then scanned the sketch and, through a combination of Illustrator and Photoshop, traced and colored it using mostly brushes. After they approved the logo, I took it into AfterEffects to create the animation. The logo animation can also be seen at the beginning of each of their videos on the Plate Tectonics site.


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